Chemical Protection Oversleeves

Article No.WLP6005
FabricMulti-layer laminated fabric
Seam TypeStitched & taped seams
StyleWith cuff and thumb loop, elasticated around top seam
CategoryCategory III PPE

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Chemical Protection Oversleeves are vital personal protective equipment (PPE) that provides a barrier between the skin and harmful chemicals. These oversleeves are designed to provide reliable protection against various chemicals and hazardous substances in the workplace, protecting the wearer from accidental exposure to toxic chemicals.

Chemical Protection Oversleeves are made from a variety of materials, including latex, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, and other synthetic materials. These materials are carefully selected for their protective qualities and are chosen based on the chemicals that the wearer will be exposed to. For instance, a polyethylene oversleeve may be used for low-risk applications, whereas nitrile oversleeves may be used for greater chemical resistance.

One of the many benefits of these oversleeves is that they are lightweight, flexible, and comfortable to wear, enabling the user to move their arms and hands freely with minimal restrictions, allowing them to perform tasks with ease and efficiency. Additionally, many oversleeves are designed with a secure fit, allowing them to remain in place during use, preventing the possible exposure of the wearer’s skin and ensuring maximum protection.

In addition to their protective qualities, Chemical Protection Oversleeves are also disposable, making them an extremely cost-effective solution for providing PPE to employees. They are easy to use, simply slipped over the arms to provide an additional layer of protection, then when the task is completed, the oversleeves can be easily peeled off and discarded in the appropriate waste disposal bin.

Chemical Protection Oversleeves Specifications

Chemical Protection Oversleeves Specifications

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