Surgical Gowns are an essential category of medical protective clothing designed to safeguard healthcare professionals from exposure to harmful particles while performing surgical procedures. They are available in a variety of materials ranging from nonwoven fabric to breathable polypropylene depending on the specific needs of the user.

Surgical gowns are made from high-quality fabrics that are comfortable to wear, skin-friendly, and tear-resistant. They provide complete body coverage and are available in various sizes to cater to the needs of medical practitioners of all sizes. These hospital gowns come in different types, they are intended for one-time use and then disposed of immediately. They also come equipped with protective sleeves and cuffs to ensure that no skin is exposed while performing procedures.

Additionally, sterile surgical gowns are also available that offer additional protection against bacteria and viruses during surgeries. These surgeon gowns are sterilized using specialized techniques to kill any harmful particles that may cause infections.

Disposable medical gowns are a critical piece of personal protective equipment that plays a crucial role in safeguarding healthcare professionals and ensuring the safety of both patients and medical practitioners.

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