Disposable Coverall With Hood

Fabric: Microporous film laminate
Seam Type: Stitched
Style: Elasticated hood/waist/wrists/ankles, 2-way zipper with adhesive taped flap
Reference Price: $0.80 – $1.50/ piece
Min. Order: 1000.0 pieces
Applications: Medical, Industrial, Chemical, Agricultural, Cleaning, Disinfection, Painting

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Looking for a disposable coverall that protects you from harmful substances or debris during household chores, construction projects, or industrial work? Our disposable coverall with hood is the answer! Made with high-quality materials, it provides the necessary bodily defense you need to keep yourself protected.


1. Made with high-quality materials – Our disposable coverall is made with premium materials that are durable and effective in protecting you from potential harm.
2. Full-body coverage – The coverall provides full-body protection, covering you from head to toe, ensuring that every inch of your body is protected.
3. Breathable fabric – While keeping you protected, the coverall’s materials are breathable, ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout your work.
4. Easy to put on and remove – The coverall is designed to make it easy to put on and remove, so you can wear it quickly and efficiently.


1. Household chores – Whether you’re cleaning up after a home renovation, handling toxic materials around the house, or cleaning up after a flood, the disposable coverall with hood is an essential tool to keep yourself protected at all times.
2. Construction projects – Keeping yourself protected from debris and other harmful substances during construction work is imperative to your health and safety, and the disposable coverall can provide that protection.
3. Industrial work – If you’re working in a factory or any industrial environment, the coverall is a must to keep yourself free from exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals or materials.

Disposable Coverall With Hood Specifications

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Size Chart

size chart

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