FFP2 Respirator with Headband

Model Number: WLM2013H-FFP2
Size: Standard size
Type: FFP2 Respirator Mask
PFE: ≥94%
Shelf Life: 3 years
Quality Certification: CE, FDA
Safety standard: EN149, EN14683
Reference Price: $0.039-$0.045
Min. Order: 10000.0 pieces

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An FFP2 Respirator with Headband is a type of personal protective equipment that is designed to filter out harmful particles from the air. It is an effective and reliable option for protecting the wearer against airborne contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and dust. The respirator features a headband that secures it in place, providing a comfortable and adjustable fit for prolonged use.

Made from high-quality materials, the FFP2 Respirator with Headband is durable and long-lasting. The filtration system is of the highest standard, ensuring that particles are effectively filtered out of the air before they are breathed in. The respirator is also lightweight and easy to wear, making it a popular choice for medical professionals, construction workers, and individuals who want to safeguard their health.

In addition to its filtration capabilities, the FFP2 Respirator with Headband is also designed to prevent the wearer from exhaling harmful particles. This is particularly important in situations where contamination needs to be kept to a minimum, such as in a laboratory or quarantine facility.

Overall, the FFP2 Respirator with Headband is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who wants to protect themselves from airborne contaminants. Whether you are a healthcare worker, a construction professional, or a concerned individual, the respirator provides the peace of mind and protection needed to take on any task or situation.

FFP2 Respirator with Headband Specifications



FFP2 Respirator Headband FFP2 Respirator Headband FFP2 Respirator Headband FFP2 Respirator Headband

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