Type 4B Medical Isolation Gowns

Article No.: WLG3001
Fabric: Microporous
Seam Type: Stitched/taped seams
Style: One piece openning at back, ties on the waist and back neck, knitted cuffs
Color: White

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Medical Isolation Gown Description

Type 4B medical isolation gowns is a protective clothing article that is used in hazardous material handling environments, healthcare facilities, and chemical plants to prevent any risks of contamination or exposure to hazardous materials. This type of gown, also known as a chemical-resistant gown, is capable of protecting the wearer from exposure to chemical and biological agents.


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Medical Isolation Gowns Medical Isolation Gowns Medical Isolation Gowns

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Made of high-quality microporous materials, these gowns have a tightly woven fiber construction with a barrier film layer which assists in protecting against chemical hazards. The gown provides excellent breathability and air permeability, minimizing the risk of heat-stress during prolonged wear. The cuffs and waist of the gown are designed to provide a secure fit and to prevent any contaminants from entering the gown.

Type 4B Medical Isolation Gowns provide a reliable barrier against chemical splashes and other chemical contamination when working with hazardous materials, which makes them an essential tool to ensure safety in industries such as chemical plants, laboratories, and food processing. The gowns are affordable, comfortable, and designed with great consideration for user comfort while keeping them safe.

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