Non Woven Disposable Bed Sheet

MOQ: 10000PCS

Material: PP/SMS/PP+PE

Size:80*190+20cm, 160*190+20cm

Color:White, blue

Weight: 20-60gsm

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Non Woven Bed Sheet, the perfect solution for hospitals, hotels, spas, and any setting that requires a convenient and hygienic bedding option. Our bed sheets are designed with high-quality non-woven fabric and offer a range of features that make them an excellent choice for any user.

Non Woven Bed Sheets are a practical, convenient and low-cost solution for many settings. They offer a high level of hygiene, comfort, and convenience while being environmentally friendly, making them an ideal choice for anyone seeking a hassle-free bedding solution.

Non Woven Bed Sheet

1. Hygienic: Our bed sheets are made from non-woven material, which ensures that no bacteria or germs can penetrate the surface. This makes them an ideal choice for healthcare facilities, as well as any setting that requires a high level of hygiene.
2. Disposable: Our bed sheets are completely disposable, which means you can avoid the hassle of laundering and cleaning them repeatedly. This makes them a convenient option for busy hotels, spas, and other places where fast turnover is essential.
3. Comfortable: Our bed sheet fabric is soft and comfortable, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing experience for all users. They offer a gentle touch and won't irritate even sensitive skin.
4. Perfect fit: Our bed sheets are designed to fit all sizes of beds, making them an excellent option for any setting, irrespective of the dimensions of the bed.
5. Easy to use: Our bed sheets are simple to use, which means they can quickly and efficiently be applied and removed.

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