Type 3B/4B Yellow Chemical Suit

Fabric: Multi-layer laminated fabric
Seam Type: Stitched & taped seams
Style: 3 pieces hood, inset sleeves, elasticated hood/waist/cuffs/ankles, 2-way zipper with adhesive taped flap/chin flap, thumb loops
Reference Price: $0.55 – $0.95/ piece
Min. Order: 1000.0 pieces
Applications: Industrial, Chemical, Agricultural, Cleaning, Disinfection, Painting, Construction

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Yellow chemical suit is a type of protective clothing that is worn by workers who are exposed to hazardous chemicals or dangerous substances in the workplace. The suit is made from a material that is resistant to chemical penetration and helps to prevent contamination or exposure to harmful substances that can cause skin irritations, chemical burns, and respiratory problems.

Yellow chemical suits are commonly used by workers in chemical plants, laboratories, factories, and other industries that involve the use of hazardous chemicals. The yellow color of the suit makes it highly visible, which is important in high-risk areas where workers need to be easily seen.

The suits are made from Multi-layer laminated fabric. These materials are chosen for their ability to resist chemical penetration and provide an airtight seal that prevents any harmful substances from entering the suit. The suits are also designed with a hood that covers the head and neck, and gloves that cover the hands and wrists to ensure complete protection.

The suits feature a front zipper that allows easy entry and exit, and often come with an attached respirator to filter inhaled air. The suits are available in various sizes to accommodate workers of different heights and builds.

Yellow tyvek suit are an essential part of personal protective equipment (PPE) and are required by many organizations to ensure the safety of workers. Workers who are required to wear a yellow chemical suit must also undergo special training to learn how to properly use and maintain the suit to ensure it stays in good condition and provides maximum protection.

Yellow coveralls are an important piece of PPE for workers who handle hazardous chemicals or substances. They provide a barrier against chemical penetration, are highly visible, and feature an airtight seal to prevent the entry of harmful substances. Anyone required to wear a yellow chemical suit should also undergo special training to ensure their proper use and maintenance.

Yellow Chemical Suit Specifications


Size Chart

SizeBody Height (cm)Chest Girth (cm)


yellow chemical suit

yellow chemical suit

yellow chemical suitdisposable coverall with tape 05disposable coverall with tape 07disposable coverall with tape 06

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