How to dispose of used disposable protective coveralls?

Disposable protective coveralls, act as one of the most essential personal protective equipment (PPE), play an important role many applications during industrial and medical work place. These are frequently used in hospitals, laboratories, and other settings where exposure to the virus is high, and they generate tons of waste daily. It is crucial to manage and dispose of these used personal protective equipment correctly. This article explores some of the best ways to handle single-use protective suits.

disposable protective coveralls

Classify them as hazardous waste

The first step in managing used disposable protective coveralls is to classify them as hazardous waste. This is because they come into contact with infectious materials, and improper disposal can pose a health risk to individuals and the environment. Therefore, it would help if you had specialized waste managers or healthcare institutions on board to ensure that the disposal of these suits follows proper processes.


One of the popular methods of disposing of used disposable protective coveralls is incineration. This method uses controlled combustion to reduce the materials to ash and allows for the complete destruction of pathogens and the sterilization of any hazardous materials. Incinerators are regulated by authorities to ensure they emit minimal pollutants into the air.


Another method of disposing of these suits is autoclaving, also known as steam sterilization. This technology uses pressurized steam and elevated temperatures that reach 121°C or higher, to destroy microorganisms in the suit. The sterilized suit can then be safely compacted and discarded in a landfill.

washing and cleaning

Furthermore, some institutions have adopted the washing and cleaning approach to used disposable protective suits. This involves the use of industrial-scale machines that wash the protective material with the appropriate detergents and disinfectants to kill microorganisms while removing any stains or biological materials. The cleaned protective suit can then be safely reused.

recycling disposable protective coveralls

Finally, one of the most sustainable ways to manage used protective suits is recycling. With a keen eye on the environmental impact of these disposable suits, some companies have dropped the idea of incineration and have turned them into recyclable materials. After sterilization and removal of metal parts like zippers and buttons, the fabric can be shredded and processed into another product like insulation material, rugs, or even bags.

used disposable protective suit

Waste management is an issue that affects everyone globally, and it is crucial to prioritize safe and sustainable methods of managing used single-use protective suits. As a society, we must strive to protect the environment while looking out for the welfare of healthcare workers who risk their lives daily. Thus, the adoption of safer, sustainable, and cost-effective methods of managing used personal protective equipment is crucial.

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