Chemical Isolation Gown With High Neck

Article No.: WLG1015
Fabric: Multi-layer laminated fabric
Seam Type: Stitched/taped seams
Style: One piece opening at back with ties, with tear tape closure on the neck, bottom sleeve with knitted cuffs (inner layer) and elastic cuffs (outer layer)
Color: Yellow

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Type 3B/4B Chemical Isolation Gown Description

Type 3B/4B chemical isolation gown is protective garment designed to protect healthcare professionals and workers from hazardous substances that can cause injury or infection. These gowns are made of special material that can withstand chemical exposure and are typically used in environments where chemical spills or leaks are likely to occur, such as laboratories and chemical manufacturing plants.



Type 3B/4B Chemical Isolation Gown Type 3B/4B Chemical Isolation Gown Type 3B/4B Chemical Isolation Gown

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The gowns provide full-body coverage, including the arms, legs, and torso, and have been tested to ensure they are impermeable to hazardous chemicals. They are typically worn over other protective clothing and are equipped with elastic cuffs and hoods to provide extra protection against contamination.

The chemical isolation gowns are essential protective equipment that helps prevent the spread of dangerous toxins in workplaces. They are designed to protect individuals from exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals, ensuring a safe work environment for all. Additionally, these gowns may help prevent the spread of infectious diseases in healthcare settings, as they are designed to prevent the transfer of infectious fluids and contaminants.

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