Disposable Bouffant Cap

Material: 10-18 gsm PP, SMS
Style: Elasticated, w or w/o printed
Diameter: 19”, 21”, 24”
Color: Blue, White, Green or customized
Package: 100 pcs/bag, 1000 pcs/ctn
Reference price : $0.0072-$0.0144
MOQ: 100000.0 pieces

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Disposable Bouffant Cap is an essential item for workers who require protection for their hair in various industries. It is an excellent product for any establishment that requires strict hygiene measures, such as food processing plants, hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies.

This bouffant scrub cap offers excellent protection against hair shedding or dust particles from hair. The elastic design offers comfortable fitting for all head sizes. These caps are made from high-quality materials, which make them durable and resistant to tearing. Since it is disposable, it is ideal for single-use and helps maintain a sterile environment.

Made of premium quality non-woven polypropylene material, our Disposable Bouffant Cap is soft, breathable and lightweight ensuring maximum comfort for extended use. With an elastic band that stretches for a comfortable fit around the head, these caps are perfect for use in various industries including health care, food service, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and more.

Efficiently designed, our Disposable Bouffant Caps are an easy way to control contamination and prevent the spread of infections. The convenient one-size-fits-all design ensures these caps will fit most people comfortably, reducing the need for complicated sizing and improving usage efficiency. These Bouffant Caps are perfect to use in environments where proper hygiene and safety is essential.

Conveniently packaged in a 100-piece set, these Disposable Bouffant Caps are easy to store and use on the go. Keep them in your workplace or take them with you in travel bags for easy use anytime, anywhere. Perfect for single-use, these Bouffant Caps are quick and easy to dispose of, making them a reliable and hygienic option for environments where hygiene is key.




– Hygienic and convenient
– Made from high-quality materials
– Comfortable to wear
– Lightweight
– Elastic design to fit all head sizes


– Hospitals
– Laboratories
– Food processing plants
– Cleanrooms
– Pharmacies
– Research facilities

Disposable Bouffant CapDisposable Bouffant CapDisposable Bouffant CapDisposable Bouffant Cap 03

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