Disposable Lab Jacket Hip Length

– Latex Free
– 3 Soft layers of “SMS” frabric
– Static Free
– Breathable and fluid resistant
– 1 breast pocket and 2 hip pockets
– Knit cuffs and collar with snap front
– Autoclavable

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Disposable Lab Jacket, designed to provide excellent protection and comfort for healthcare professionals and laboratory workers. This lab jacket is made of high-quality polypropylene material, ensuring durability and resistance to liquids and other contaminants.

Our Disposable Lab Jacket  is a reliable and affordable option for anyone looking for superior protection in a laboratory or medical environment. Don’t take any chances, choose our disposable lab jacket for the ultimate protection and comfort.


1. Hip Length Design – This lab jacket provides valuable coverage, extending past the waistline for maximum protection.

2. Elastic Cuffs – The elastic cuffs on the sleeves keep the jacket secure and snug, reducing the risk of contaminants entering through the cuffs.

3. Snap Front – The snap front design ensures fast and comfortable donning and doffing.

4. Breathable Fabric – Our disposable lab jacket is made of a breathable polypropylene fabric that allows moisture to escape while keeping contaminants at bay.

5. Lightweight and Comfortable – This jacket is lightweight and comfortable, allowing the wearer to move freely and perform their duties with ease.

6. Individually Packaged – Each lab jacket comes individually packaged, making it easy to distribute them while maintaining sterility.


disposable Lab Jacket specification

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