Disposable White Coat

– Latex Free
– PP/SMS/Microporous frabric
– Static Free
– Breathable and fluid resistant
– With/without pockets
– Knit cuffs and collar with snap front
– Autoclavable

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Our Disposable White Coat is the perfect solution for those who work in industries that require a clean and hygienic environment. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, food processing worker, or laboratory technician, this coat is designed to meet your needs.

Invest in our Disposable White Coat for a hassle-free and clean working environment. Our product is designed to meet your needs and provide superior protection, comfort, and convenience. Contact us now!

Disposable White Coat Features

1. Premium Material: Made of high-quality non-woven fabric, this coat is soft, comfortable, and breathable.
2. Superior Protection: Our white coat provides excellent protection against fluids, dust, and other particles.
3. Convenient Design: This coat features a front button closure, long sleeves, and two spacious pockets to store your essentials.
4. Disposable: Our coat is disposable, making it easy and convenient to use. Simply use it once and dispose of it properly.
5. Versatile: Perfect for various industries such as healthcare, food processing, and laboratory work.


disposable white coat

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