Disposable Rubber Gloves

Disposable rubber gloves are a practical and versatile solution to protect their hands from contamination, infection, or harsh chemicals.

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Disposable rubber gloves are a convenient and essential item for a variety of applications. They are made from synthetic materials, usually latex or nitrile, and are designed to be single-use, meaning that once you have finished using them, you can dispose of them without worrying about cleaning or maintenance. Whether you are a healthcare professional, a food handler, or just someone looking to keep their hands clean and protected, disposable rubber gloves offer an affordable and effective solution.

Overall, disposable rubber gloves are a practical and versatile solution for anyone who needs to protect their hands from contamination, infection, or harsh chemicals. With their high-quality materials and strict quality standards, disposable gloves provide a reliable and affordable option for a wide range of applications. They help to maintain a hygienic and sterile environment and ensure that the user’s hands remain safe, clean, and protected.




  • CE Certified – Disposable rubber gloves are manufactured according to strict quality standards and are tested to ensure they meet the requirements of the relevant European Conformity (CE) standards. This means that they are a reliable and safe choice for a range of applications.
  • High-Quality Latex or Nitrile – Disposable gloves are made from high-quality materials, usually either latex or nitrile. Both materials are durable, stretchy, and offer good tactile sensitivity, making them suitable for tasks that require manual dexterity.
  • Ambidextrous – Disposable rubber gloves are designed to fit both the left and right hand, so you don’t have to worry about selecting the correct glove for each hand. This feature makes them easier and quicker to use.
  • Powder-free – Some disposable gloves are powdered to make them easier to put on and take off. However, powder in gloves can cause allergies, irritation or contamination, which is not suitable for healthcare practitioners or individuals with sensitive skin. Therefore the majority of the disposable gloves are powder-free.
  • 5.Different Sizes Available – Disposable rubber gloves come in different sizes, such as small, medium, and large, to suit different hand sizes. This is crucial because the gloves need to fit snugly to ensure that they provide adequate protection.


  • Healthcare – Disposable rubber gloves are commonly used in hospitals and healthcare settings, where they are worn by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to protect them from infection and cross-contamination. They provide a barrier between the wearer’s hands and the patient’s body fluids, thus reducing the chances of the spread of infection from one person to another.
  • Food Handling – Disposable rubber gloves are widely used in the food industry, where they are worn by food handlers at restaurants, cafes, and other food businesses to prevent contamination. They protect the food from germs and bacteria present on the hands and reduce the chances of food-borne illnesses.
  • Cleaning – Disposable gloves for cleaning are an indispensable tool for cleaning various surfaces and areas in the home or office. They allow the wearer to handle harsh chemicals and detergents without damaging their skin, and also protect the skin from exposure to cleaning agents’ fumes.
  • Painting and DIY Tasks – Disposable rubber gloves for mechanics are also used by people who engage in painting or DIY tasks. They protect the hands from paint, stain, and chemical spills, and also prevent oil and dirt from sticking to the skin.
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