Type 5/6 Microporous Cool Suit

Fabric: Microporous film laminate with SMS on back part
Seam Type: Stitched
Style: Elasticated hood/waist/wrists/ankles, 2-way zipper with adhesive taped flap
Reference Price: $0.78 – US$1.5/piece
Min. Order: 1000.0 pieces
Applications: Industrial, Chemical, Agricultural, Cleaning, Disinfection, Painting, Construction

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The Type 5/6 Microporous Cool Suit is designed to provide protection against hazardous materials, chemicals, and biological agents. This suit is made from a microporous material that allows air to circulate while preventing liquids and other chemicals from penetrating the material. The safety coverall is ideal for use in a wide variety of hazardous environments, including industrial, healthcare, and military settings.



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  • High-Quality Material: The suit is made from a high-quality microporous material that is breathable yet sturdy enough to provide protection against contaminants.
  • Comprehensive Protection: The suit offers protection against a wide range of contaminants, including liquids, chemicals, and biological agents.
  • Comfortable Fit: The suit has an elasticated waist and cuffs, providing a comfortable and secure fit that allows for freedom of movement.
  • Easy to Wear: The suit is easy to put on and take off, making it ideal for emergency situations where time is of the essence.
  • Lightweight Design: The lightweight design of the suit means that it can be worn over extended periods without causing discomfort or fatigue.


  • Industrial Settings: The Type 56 Microporous Cool Suit is ideal for use in industrial settings where hazardous chemicals and contaminants are present.
  • Healthcare Settings: The suit can be used in healthcare settings, such as hospitals and laboratories, to protect against biological agents and other contaminants.
  • Emergency Situations: The suit is designed for use in emergency situations, such as chemical spills or outbreaks of infectious disease.
  • Military Settings: The suit can be used in military settings to protect soldiers against chemical and biological warfare agents.

Microporous Cool Suit Microporous Cool Suit

Microporous Cool Suitdisposable coverall with tape 05disposable coverall with tape 07disposable coverall with tape 06

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The microporous cool suit  features a cool design that maintains a comfortable temperature, making it perfect for use in hot and humid environments. It also includes an elastic waistband and cuffs that provide a secure fit and prevent exposure to hazardous materials.

This Microporous Cool Suit is a high-quality protective suit that offers comprehensive protection against a wide range of contaminants. Its lightweight design and comfortable fit make it ideal for use in a variety of hazardous environments. Whether you work in an industrial setting, healthcare, or military, this protective suit will keep you safe and comfortable.

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