PPE for painting needs to offer protection for multiple applications in a variety of environments. From paint drips, splatters, and spray to more hazardous environments where flames are a risk, XIAN WAN LI can help protect workers with our wide variety of disposable paint suis. With styles with or without an attached hood and boots, workers can enjoy standard or full body protection.

Choice 1: Paint suit for brush applications

Disposable microporous coveralls are ideal for brush applications where there may be dripping or rubbing from a brush or roller. Coveralls are lightweight and breathable, protecting against liquids, sprays, and particulates. Non-woven fabric with a microporous film allows heat and moisture vapor to escape, so you stay cool as you paint long hours. Better yet, coveralls are designed for enhanced mobility and less rip outs with features such as seamless shoulders, gusseted crotch areas, and elastic backing. With MicroGuard MP®, you can bend, crouch, stretch, and reach in all directions comfortably.

Disposable microporous coveralls

Choice 2: Paint Suit for overspray applications

When working in situations with overspray, which is considered a particulate, you need heavy duty particle protection. Disposable paint suits with tape are designed to protect against hazardous and noxious particulates down to 0.3 microns in the 95% to 99% range. Fabric is breathable and offers exceptional abrasion resistance for durability throughout a hard day’s work. Features such as gusseted crotch areas and seamless shoulders offer enhanced mobility with less rip outs or tears. Whether spray painting a car or powder coating appliances, Body Filter 95+® provides the comfort, protection, and freedom of movement to get the job done safely.

Disposable paint suits with tape

Choice 3: Paint suit with flame protection

Painting in some environments, such as a refinery, is more hazardous than others. Confined spaces, poor ventilation, and the potential for sparks can quickly ignite flammable paints and coatings. In work environments with spark and flame hazards, you can count on our flame resistant coveralls. Fabric uses a phosphate-based fire retardant to deprive flames of their fuel source to prevent the spread of flames. The breathable fabric also chars to prevent flames and molten drips. Garments pass ASTM D6413 vertical flame resistance tests for the ultimate protection against combustible vapors.

Flame Resistant Coverall
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